Master Class

2-Day Master Class

If you are looking to get into the coffee business and don’t know where to start, our two-day master is for you! Our core focus is on opening and running your own shop. This class is jam packed with information that will give you the confidence needed to take on your new venture into the coffee business! We have limited our class to a maximum of 2 people to assure that all your questions and concerns will be answered.

Day 1

Day 1 will cover the basics on barista training, managing a coffee shop, and understanding the different coffees you will be working with because making coffee is key to learning more about it!

Intro to Barista Training

  • Espresso
  • Milk Frothing
  • Pour Over Technique
  • Understanding specialty Coffees
  • And much more!

How to Manage a Coffee Shop

  • Store Layout
  • Maintenance
  • Problem Solving
  • Using tablet registers
  • Sanitary rules


  • Supplies needed on a day to day basis

Day 2

Day 2 will put you in a live action environment as we put you behind the counter to serve customers, make coffee, and take the time to learn the coffee business. Learning the behind the scenes will help you get rid of those first day butterfly jitters and you will leave the shop in confidence ready to open up your own!

Looks Sell Coffee

  • Understanding a good store layout and presentation.
  • When you have an aesthetically pleasing coffee shop it keeps customers coming back and brings new faces in everyday.

Cold Brew Secrets

  • How to have the best cold brew in your town
  • We make and sell over 100 gallons of cold brew a week!
  • Nitro
  • El Chapo
  • Traditional
  • Flavored cold brews

To roast or not to roast?

  • If you are planning to roast your own we will discuss taking Cabana Coffee Company’s roasting class!
  • If you do not plan on roasting we will give you the knowledge on where to source the best beans for espresso, pour over and cold brew.

Want to take our class for free?

What You’ll Learn About:


Learn more about your costs before you open, from build-out to grand opening.


We’ll discuss your business plan and provide guidance on your direction and purpose.


Learn the day-to-day business operations of a successful coffee shop first-hand.


Training on how to prepare and serve excellent coffee to your customers.


Grow your customer service skills by learning from the pros.


Develop a better understanding of the necessary equipment and costs to accomplish your goals.


Different ways to build up your business on a budget.

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Who’s This For?


Looking to take your coffee service to next level? This hands-on class can help you upgrade your business.


Thinking about opening your own shop? This class will give you an idea of what it takes so you can make your decision.


Who doesn’t love coffee?! Join our Master Class to learn all there is to know about the basics and the business of coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know you have the qualifications to teach us what we need?

My first store became number 1 in New Jersey within 1 year in crowded coffee markets.  It is not just teaching you about coffee but also about being the best you can be and making your brand shine by customer service and quality.

How many hours are in a 1 day class?

Anywhere from 6 to 10 hours. Since everyone learns differently and at their own pace, there is no set class duration. We want to ensure we dedicate the time needed for you to fully understand and take in everything being taught. It’s not necessarily about the time it takes, it’s about you being satisfied with what you are learning.

Will 1 day of training be enough?

We strongly believe that by time you leave here you can move forward with the confidence to get your business up and running.  We also offer a 2 day on site training if needed.

How soon ahead should I take my class before opening a coffee shop?

As soon as possible. We also offer a free refresher course if you feel you need to brush up on what you learned!

There are many different types of coffee shops, does your training go towards any certain setup?

Our training is focused on you learning the coffee business in general and building your confidence. That will  guide you the type of store you want to open.

What do you mean by working in a live environment?

At Cabana Coffee Company you will be working hands on in the shop, serving real customers and dealing with order flow. This ensures that your hands on experience will prepare you for your opening day.

What if we wanted 3 people to take the class?

We can arrange that for a small additional fee!


Cabana Coffee Company features specialty coffees from around the world. Each batch is roasted to order. This guarantees blissful freshness and exquisite taste.


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